We Got a Facelift!

New fly fishing website at Deneki.com.
Our new site, on a smart phone. Photo: Kyle Shea.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already noticed that our site looks a little different today. That’s because today we’re launching our new website!

Our team has been working hard this winter to put together a more modern and user friendly site that we think you’ll appreciate. Don’t worry, we’ll still be pumping out the same daily content on our blog and weekly newsletter, as well as continue to provide access to all our posts from the past.

However, we’ve added a few new features to our site that we’re really excited about and think you will be too! Here are few of our favorite new features.

  • Mobile friendly. Our new site is now completely mobile friendly! Apparently cell phones are pretty popular these days, so you no longer have squint at a micro sized version of our website. It’s all formatted to resize to your smart phone or tablet. Check it out!
  • Real time weather. Ever wonder what the weather is at our lodges? We’ve added a weather widget for each one of our locations providing a real time weather report. Just click on any of our lodges at the top of the page and notice the local weather at the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  • Improved search function. We’ve heard from a few of you in the past that our search function didn’t yield the results you were looking for. So guess what, we fixed it! Now, simply type in a phrase for the kind of posts you are interested in, such as ‘swinging for trout,’ hit enter, and you’ll be directed to a list of all the posts where we’ve mentioned swinging for trout. We’ve written a lot of posts about a lot of things over the years (over 2,230 to date), and we wanted to make sure you’re able to access those posts as easily as possible!

We’re really excited about our new website and feel that it will create a better experience for you, our readers. From all of us here at Deneki Outdoors, we want to extend a big thanks to everyone who has followed our blog over the years and helped provide the essential feedback to make this possible. Now get fishing!

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