AK West Staff 2014

Thanks! Photo: Jason Whiting

Today we wrap up another memorable season here at Alaska West and wanted to give a big thanks to all those who joined us this year.

We absolutely love what we do and appreciate all of you that make our job possible. See you next summer!

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Alaska West Guest Video by Kasey Halcro

August 28, 2014
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A couple weeks back, Kasey Halcro joined us here at Alaska West. Kasey had a pretty special week catching nearly every species the mighty Kanektok has to offer, with a few specimens along the way! Don’t take our word for it however.. Kasey was kind enough to put together a quick highlight video of his […]

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Nice Fish, David!

August 27, 2014
Thumbnail image for Nice Fish, David!

Congratulations to Alaska West guest, David Keene, who landed this stud of a trout this past Monday. David has a fairly unique goal of landing a fish over 24 inches in length of every major trout species. Clocking in at 26 inches, Dave was able to check the rainbow trout off the list with this beauty. […]

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3 Uses For Opposing Wader Straps

August 26, 2014
Thumbnail image for 3 Uses For Opposing Wader Straps

Ever wonder why the buckles on your wader straps are opposite, male buckle on one strap and female buckle on the other?  Most wader companies today incorporate this feature into their wader straps for good reason, its super handy! Odds are you may have found a use or two for the opposing buckles on your […]

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A Better Way to Start the Morning

August 25, 2014
Thumbnail image for A Better Way to Start the Morning

We’re nearing the end of our Alaska and British Columbia seasons and that can only mean one thing positive.. Our bonefishing season at Andros South is just around the corner! Wouldn’t you rather start your morning like this? Drop us a line and make it happen! More Cool Photos from Andros South South Andros Mini-Gallery […]

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Get Your Buff On

August 23, 2014
Thumbnail image for Get Your Buff On

Buffs, face masks, neck gaitors, or whatever else you choose to call them are a common piece of attire at our lodges. Although originally marketed by Buff, ‘neck gaitors’ are now offered by most outdoor/fishing companies under several different names. Simple, inexpensive, and super functional, we rarely hit the water without one around our neck. […]

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Silver Salmon in Sunny Conditions – 5 Tips

August 22, 2014
Thumbnail image for Silver Salmon in Sunny Conditions – 5 Tips

Fly fishing for silver salmon is awesome.. At Alaska West, we are fortunate to have a great run of silvers each August and we look forward to their return every season. We target them on both single and double handed rods, surface and subsurface patterns, and in a multitude of water types. While most of the […]

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Aquaseal UV

August 21, 2014
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Aquaseal has been the fisherman’s choice of adhesive for years. It permanently repairs leaky waders, boots, boats and more. Heck, we even use it to coat knots from time to time! When operating lodges in remote areas of the world, Aquaseal is liquid gold as far as we’re concerned and we go through our share […]

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August 20, 2014
Thumbnail image for Bonefish!

We’ve been cranking away at our Northern operations for a few months now, so a lot of our posts lately have been about salmon and trout and such. Here’s a cool picture of a bonefish!  Thanks to our good friend Wayne Walts for the inspiration on this one. More on Bonefish at Andros South All […]

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