Releasing Steelhead at B.C. West

That’s right, those moments..

Earlier this month, we introduced you to Peter Christensen, a super-talented film maker and founder of Kokkaffe Media. We’ve long been a fan of Peter’s work, and this year we were fortunate to host him at each one of our operations as the backdrop to his newest fly-fishing inspired film, featuring several Deneki family members.

Flying half way around the world, several times over, Peter put a tremendous amount of time and effort into the film.. Including sacrificing his nearly $10,000 camera to the flats of South Andros out of pure awesomeness. Okay, maybe that was an accident, but nonetheless Peter put a lot into making the film possible.

All kidding aside, we’re proud to announce that Peter’s new film, ‘Those Moments’ has been accepted as a feature film for the 2015 Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T). Alongside the generous support of Orvis, we’re excited to have been a part of what we think is a pretty awesome film.

Make sure to look for ‘Those Moments’ at this year’s Fly Fishing Film Tour. But in the mean time.. Check out the official trailer below!

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