Kyle Shea and Jet Boat at Alaska West

Travel mug.. Check. Photo: Nathan Vazquez.

We operate fishing lodges in some rather remote locations, pretty far removed from drug stores, big box stores, and fly shops. Therefore, we encourage our guests to bring along any non-fishing items that they feel would make their trip more enjoyable.

Over the years we’ve noticed some common items that are needed by our guests during their trip. Most of the time we’re able to help them out (it’s not our first rodeo), but we realize not all of you will fishing with us this year!

So, here are 10 commonly forgotten items that we see at our lodges that might make your next fishing trip more enjoyable.

  1. Headlamp. Headlamps are extremely useful, relatively inexpensive, and far more convenient than a flashlight. And yes, it can get dark in Alaska in the summer.
  2. Wading Belt. By far the most commonly forgotten item at our lodges. If you’re fishing in waders, a wading belt is always a good idea. They also make a great belt on the flats too! Why? Since they’re made of plastic, they don’t corrode after wading in salt water.
  3. Sunscreen. Yes, sunscreen is a good idea in the Bahamas, but most of our guests remember to bring it. However, many of our guests don’t think to bring it along in Alaska. With roughly 18 hours of sunlight during parts of our season, that’s a lot of time to get burnt, and yes, it does happen.
  4. Paracord. Standard 550 paracord is extremely useful for a number of things in the bush. Its a great fix for broken shoe laces, can be made into sunglasses retainers, or used to fix broken wader or luggage straps to name a few. It’s also cheap and easy to pack along.
  5. Wader Repair. Leaky waders can sour a good fishing trip. Some sort of wader repair is always nice to have. We really like Aquaseal UV. Just like standard Aquaseal, it dries clear and flexibile, but cures in seconds! That’s huge when fixing waders in the field.
  6. Super Glue. Super glue is like fisherman’s duct tape. Use it secure knots, fix gear, or seal up line cuts on your hands. A small tube of super glue is always handy to have on the water. We prefer Zap-A-Gap Brush On.
  7. Travel Mug. For whatever reason, coffee seems to taste better on the water. A good travel mug will make sure it tastes better (or at least hotter) longer. Make sure to pack it along.
  8. Lens Cleaner. Dirt, salt, fingerprints and the like make it onto sunglasses during a trip. Looking through clean lenses is like a breath of fresh air and we always like to carry a simple bottle of lens cleaner in our fishing pack at all times.
  9. Extra Sunglasses. For most of us, it’s hard to imagine fishing without polarized glasses, especially on the flats. Don’t let a pair of shades falling overboard ruin your trip. Pack an extra pair! They don’t have to be top end, even an inexpensive backup (as long as their polarized) can save a trip.
  10. Hand Sanitizer. Great for cleaning up before eating, after using the restroom, or disinfecting whatever the airport throws your way. Travel sizes are available almost everywhere nowadays and are easy to bring along.

What other non-fishing items do you make sure to bring along? Leave a comment below to help out a fellow angler!

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