Fly Fishing for Bonefish at Andros South

Excuse me Sir, did you tea bag that fly? Photo: Kyle Shea.

Today we present you with a common sense, yet not so commonly practiced tip courtesy of Alaska West guide, Grant Turner. If you’ve ever spent a day in Grant’s boat, odds are after tying on a fresh new fly you’ve heard him say, “tea-bag your fly!” In other words, soak your fly until it is completely saturated. After all, in the words of Grant, “bunny don’t fish unless it’s wet!”

Whenever fishing subsurface flies, particularly large bulky patterns (streamers, flesh flies, or large saltwater patterns), it’s important that the fly be well saturated in order to fish properly. Sure, the fly will become saturated on its own after a few drifts or retrieves. However, those first few drifts or retrieves could be the only presentation Walter sees.. Especially when fishing from a boat!

Most of the time, fishing from a boat means one shot at a particular lie, drift, or fish. Think rowing down stream ‘drift boat’ style, or making a shot at a tailing bonefish from the bow of a flats skiff.. Listen to Grant, tea bag your fly, and make the most out of every second your fly is in the water.

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