Bruce Chard’s Bonefish Rig

November 28, 2008

in Andros South, Gear

On this page we’ll periodically be profiling the gear setups of world-class anglers, to let you know from top to bottom how they ready their equipment when they head to our fisheries. Our first installment comes from Captain Bruce Chard, legendary Keys guide and teacher of our bonefishing schools at Andros South.

Here’s what Bruce would fish with on a typical day on South Andros Island.

The Summary

The Detail

  • 20 pound dacron backing in a high-vis color like chartreuse or orange
  • 2 wraps around the barrel of the spool, attached to the spool with a 6-turn Uni Knot
  • Bimini twist on the line end of the backing with a doubled over closing knot to provide double loops
  • Teeny / Bruce Chard Bonefish Taper, 7 weight or 8 weight. “I’ll throw a 7 on a light wind day and an 8 on a heavy wind day, but both on the 7 weight Essence FW”
  • Loop whipped with fly tying thread on the backing end of the fly line, sealed with superglue or Zap A Gap
  • Another similar whipped loop in the leader end of the fly line
  • Tapered leader hand-tied with Rio Saltwater Hard Mono
  • Perfection loop tied in fly line end of leader
  • Leader tapered with blood knots, starting with 27 lb Rio Hard Mono, going to 22 lb, then 17 lb, then 13 lb
  • Tippet section of leader is 18 lb Seaguar Grand Max Fluorocarbon. “It’s actually smaller diameter than the 13 lb mono, so the taper is perfect”
  • The go-to fly on a typical day would be a Bruce Chard Bahamas Mantis shrimp, tied on with a Lefty Kreh Non-Slip Mono Loop.

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Dan July 10, 2014 at 11:12 am

So, what is or how do I do a doubled over Bimini twist? Are there instructions on the web somewhere?

Colin August 21, 2014 at 6:22 am

Not sure if this is right,but try this for a doubled over bimini twist

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