Lose Control? Reach for the Stripping Guide!

Line Management When Fly Fishing for Bonefish
Keep it under control. Photo: Kyle Shea.

Good line control is important when fishing for bonefish. Things can happen pretty fast once your fly hits the water, which is why we like to teach our guests to stay in contact with their fly line at all times, even when shooting line.

However, no one’s perfect! And whether you’re making a cast, stripping your fly, or clearing line while fighting a fish, sometimes the line can get away from you. Unfortunately, a lot of fish are lost (or never hooked in the first place) while fumbling around to gain control of the line.

Well, today we’re coming at you with a super simple tip, courtesy of Deneki family member, Tom Provost, on just what to do if you lose control of your line.. Reach for your stripping guide!

You know, the really big guide closest to the rod handle. It may sound simple, but the line has to come through the stripping guide before reaching your hand, so rather than fumble around to pick up the line where you left off, reach directly for the stripping guide and you’re back in the game in an instant.

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