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"Then you cast a little downstream, like they say on the Deneki blog." Photo: Cameron Miller
“Then you cast a little downstream, like they say on the Deneki blog.” Photo: Cameron Miller

We do lot of spey fishing at Alaska West and BC West, so we’ve got quite a few posts related to spey fishing on this blog, many of which are among our most popular. It seemed like a good idea to create a summary page that organizes our spey posts a bit. We’ll keep this page updated when we add posts related to spey fishing, and we’ll maintain a link to this page over on our right-hand column.

If you want to learn about spey fishing from the best in the business, why not join us at one of our lodges?

Spey Fish with the Experts

So here you have it – all our posts related to spey fishing!

Tips and Advice

Gear Reviews

Expert Advice

Expert Rigs for Steelhead

Expert Rigs for Kings

Trout Spey

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Spey Fish With The Experts


  1. Ojibwehunter says

    hey I guide in MI an am thinkin about switching over to Loop products, I mainly use switch rods or shorter speys for all my fishing Just wondering if U guys ever use Loop Spey or switch rods? I’m wondering if you guys have any experience with the opti switch 6-8wts & tried out the new Loop cross 1 12ft 7wt Spey? I just bought the 6wt opti switch for throwing big may flies at giant MI brownies during the may fly hatch, I bought a Scandi compact head for top water apps. Any advise or knowledge or experience with these rods would be greatly appreciated.

  2. says

    @Ojibwehunter Loop rods are great and are a common site at both BC West and Alaska West. In fact that 6 weight switch you just purchased would be perfect for fishing mice patterns for rainbow Trout on the Kanektok and Arolik rivers this summer. I will be there myself the first two weeks in July chucking the mouse and swinging for sea bright Kings. The new S1 Cross 12′ #7 is a very nice rod well suited for a variety of fisheries. It is heavy enough for Dean river Steelhead and Alaskan Chum Salmon yet wouldn’t be out of place swinging flesh patterns for Rainbows on the lower Kanektok.

  3. Dave de Luca says



  1. […] hay videos, test de muchos equipos, comentarios y notas a casi todos los Master del Spey. Spey Casting and Fishing Articles Saludos. Citar + Responder […]

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