Shallow Water Bonefish Pictures

This is a bonefish swimming in really shallow water.

One of the neat things about our fishery on South Andros Island is that we target bonefish in some really shallow water. That makes not only for some incredible sightfishing, but also for some great photo opportunities.

“Seriously, their backs were out of the water!”

Actually, they were.

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  1. Deneki Outdoors says

    Thanks Bjorn. Those fish just swam right up to me – it would have been tough to screw that shot up.


  1. […] Bonefish swimming in very shallow water are often at their spookiest, especially when the water’s calm as well.  If you’re chasing shallow water bonefish on foot, these handy tips will help you get your fly into that fish’s mouth – which isn’t going to happen if you spook him first. […]

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