Deneki FIBFest

Typical view of a FIBFest participant.  Photo: Louis Cahill
Typical view of a FIBFest participant. Photo: Louis Cahill

It’s May 15 – 22 on South Andros Island.

It’s an unholy matrimony of bonefish and blogs, fins and Facebook, tails and Twitter.

It’s Deneki FIBFest!


It’s pretty simple actually – we think there are some folks writing really high-quality stuff online about fly fishing these days, and we wanted to get a few of them together for a week at Andros South to hang out, see our program and have some good times while commiserating about blogs and stuff.  The FIB in FIBFest stands for Fishing Industry Bloggers.  Got it?

So from May 15th to the 22nd, a small group of us will spend the week bonefishing, and you’ll get to read all about it online, both during and after the trip.  You’ll see blog posts, Facebook updates, and yes, we’re even going to give you the blow-by-blow on Twitter.

The Lineup

Here’s the lineup of folks who got tricked into joining us for the week.  The best part?  These guys are great writers (and there’s a pretty good photographer in the mix as well).

We should point out that we wanted to invite far more folks than we had room for at the lodge – we hope to do it again!

Following Along

Many of the stories from the week you’ll see on the sites of the folks mentioned above in the upcoming months.  That being said, we’ll do our best to keep you posted during the week.

We’ve created a list on Twitter that a few of us will be posting to during the week.  You can check it out even if you don’t use Twitter – it’s just an easy to check in and see what we’re up to on any given day.

We’ll be posting on our Facebook page during the week as well.

Wish us luck!

These Guys’ Blogs


  1. says

    Gonna go ahead an nominate myself for the next one of these things (not so much because I think my writing is tops, but because I selfishly want to cast a fly at some South Andros bonies. Yup.

    However, I do write and my blog is mostly that—precious little in the way of fish porn, backslapping, or hero shot nonsense.

  2. says

    “FIBFest” – Love it! We’ll have to all get together at IFTD this summer. Definitely up for Alaska in 2011

  3. andrew says

    Waiting list noted, guys! We’re assuming it’s going to be the first in a long line of FIBFests…

  4. says

    I think I just crapped my pants. I will line up with Dylan, G Smolt and the others in the wishing, hoping, praying crowd.

    Nice idea guys, freaking great idea

    Looking forward to following this


  1. […] of topics that we’re going to writing Tip posts about over the next few months – during Deneki FIBFest at Andros South, and during the 12 weeks of summer insanity when we’re open at Alaska West […]

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