Trevor Covich’s Streamer Rig

Trevor displays a favorite bug.
Trevor displays a favorite bug.

Trevor Covich has been working at Alaska West since he was in diapers.  Well, close.  These days Trevor splits his time between guiding at Alaska West and guiding at Chile West.

Trevor loves fishing streamers for big trout in Chile, and today we present, in detail, the rig that Trevor uses when doing just that.  This rig involves a long leader and a bullet-head bass weight – it’s not the easiest to cast and probably isn’t a good choice if you’re new to streamer fishing, but it allows pretty awesome depth and control for folks who have some time with streamers under their belts.

Insider Tip: Trevor catches a lot of big trout on streamers, so maybe you should pay attention.

The Summary

The Detail

  • 20 pound dacron backing, attached to the spool with an arbor knot.
  • Fly line tied directly to the backing using an Albright knot.
  • Butt section of the leader tied directly to the front of the fly line using an Albright knot.
  • Hand-tied leader consisting of sections of 25, 17, 12 and 10 pound mono, with all sections tied together with blood knots.
  • 1/4 oz bullet head bass weight slid onto the leader.
  • Black or brown articulated sculpin pattern tied to the leader with a non-slip mono loop.

The Commentary

  • “Casting this rig you need to use a very open loop so you don’t cracker the tip of your rod with the lead weight.”
  • “I fish black and brown flies a lot, but if the water is muddy, definitely fish black.”
  • “Make sure there’s a blood knot about a foot above your fly so the bullet weight doesn’t slide too far up the leader.”

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