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Loki Nets
Large fish require large nets. Photo: Cameron Miller

Thanks to loyal reader Kevin Kelly for getting in touch with an excellent question.  Kevin didn’t recognize the landing nets that he’s seen in a lot of our pictures from Alaska West, so he asked about them, and we put together this post about them.

Got any questions we can answer for you about our fisheries, our operations, or anything else related?  Do like Kevin and drop us a line!

Landing Nets at Alaska West

We use Loki Nets.  We like them a lot.

For king salmon, we use the Salmon and Steelhead CS-3 with the 36″ depth tangle-less net, a 1.25″ diameter fiberglass handle, 5′ length and an upgraded yolk.

For other salmon and trout, we use the Salmon and Steelhead CS-1 with the full rubber catch and release net, along with a 1.25″ diameter fiberglass handle, 4′ length and the upgraded yolk.  It’s a bit large for smaller trout and dollies, but who needs a net for those fish anyways! It’s great for releasing tons of salmon, and larger trout and dollies.

The handles for these two nets are interchangeable so if you have a preference in different fishing situations, you can easily switch them out.

Fiberglass handles and the upgraded yolk are a must – they hold up to all the abuse and massive strain put on them by all the fish we land. Loki has great customer service and all the replacement/upgrade parts in-house. They make nets for almost anything you can think of, and are willing to help you build one-off nets to suit your needs for any species, anywhere.

P. S. If that much thought goes into the nets we use at Alaska West, think how dialed-in our fishing program must be…

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