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Fly Fishing Articles #2
This photo is unrelated, other than the fact that you can fish here.

Today we bring you three more interesting recent articles from the online world of fly fishing.

We’re thinking about making this a part of our weekly routine.  Would you like to see one post a week from us with links to other online fishing content?  Leave us a comment and let us know.

  1. The IGFA Remembers Billy Pate.  You probably know that he recently passed on, but did you know about his 21 consecutive days fishing in Costa Rica, his mako shark record, and his founding of World Wide Sportsman in Islamorada?  This is a piece worth reading.
  2. Point Your Casts When Accuracy is Critical.  Kirk Deeter suggests trying a different grip on the Field and Stream Flytalk blog.
  3. A Few Words on Southern Fly Fishing Culture.  JEB Hall, long-time Alaska West guide, has a very entertaining piece in the preview issue of a new online magazine about fly fishing in the South.

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  1. Mark Orlicky says

    I’ll cast a “yes” vote for this series of “3 articles” to continue. Its a good idea and helps me find articles I might not find otherwise.

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