Lake Fishing with Switch Rods

Lake Fishing - Switch Rods
Not just for moving water.

We’ve got our fourth of four videos today in our mini-series of videos on lake fishing. ¬†After getting an introduction to fly fishing on lakes, some tips on lake fishing with a tough backcast, and a look at fly selection for lake fishing, now we get to learn about using switch rods on lakes.

In this video, George Cook covers

  • Basic switch rod rigging techniques
  • How to use a switch rod when backcast room is limited
  • The Perry Poke adapted to lake fishing
  • Using change of direction casts to cover different water

NOTE: If you’re viewing this in a newsletter or a reader, click here to learn about switch rods and lakes on YouTube.

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  1. John D. Meyer says

    Dear Sir,
    I currently own a 6/7 wt. switch rod.. for fly fishing smallies. I want to purchase a 5wt switch fly rod for fishing smaller fish such as panfish and bass. What type of fly line do I need for this switch rod.
    Great Videos. Thank you for your time.
    Sincerely your’s,

    John D. Meyer

  2. Sam Berry says

    I have a 5 wt. TFO switch rod. It works best with a 9 wt. floating or shooting line. Or an Airflow Skagit switch for two-handed casting. I used this rod exclusively in Alaska this summer. Allowed me to cast into strong winds. Handled all the fish (silvers, Dollies, etc.) with ease. If you are going for panfish and bass, I suggest a 3 wt. I suspect you don’t need a switch rod.


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