National Fishing in Schools Program

Try to name a better cause - we dare you.

One of the coolest things that we learned about at IFTD last week was the National Fishing in Schools Program.

The NFSP teaches kids in public schools how to cast fly rods!  We think this is really important because…

  • Most kids need to get outside more, and
  • Extra-curricular activities in public schools are getting killed due to lack of funding, and
  • Fly fishing needs more kids to get involved in our sport.

The folks at NFSP use a really interesting target system to keep things fun.  They train instructors who train the kids, and they partner with equipment manufacturers to deliver kits including rods and reels to the schools.

We think it’s a great program.  If you agree that teaching kids to fly fish is important, you should head over to their web site, read a bit about the program and make a donation – they have big plans and could use your help.

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