3 Ways to Catch More Bonefish

Guide by Louis Cahill Photography
…and always listen to your guide. Photo: Louis Cahill

We have a whole bunch of bonefishing tips here on our blog.  Today we thought we’d give you 3 random ones – some new, some old, all with the potential to make a difference.

  1. Don’t hold your fly by the wing or the body.  When you’re in the ready position, whether on foot or on the deck of the boat, pinch either the leader just above your fly, or the bend of the hook.  Bonefish don’t like human smells, so keep your sunscreen/Kalik/Axe Body Spray scent off the materials on the wing and body.
  2. Don’t wear wading boots when you’re casting from the boat.  You won’t know when you’re standing on your fly line, and more importantly, moving your feet with boots on is loud underwater!  Go barefoot or wear just socks.
  3. If the fish stops near your fly, set the hook.  You’re not always going to feel the take, especially if you have any slack at all in your line or leader.  If he’s near where you think your fly is and you see him stop, he’s probably eating your fly, so set the hook.  Besides, since you’re using a strip set, your fly will still be in the game if he didn’t eat.

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