Alpaca Wool Socks – Why We Like Them

Alpaca Socks

We try our best to give our readers quality recommendations on fishing gear and techniques, and there’s nothing better than when our readers do the same right back!

Longtime newsletter subscriber Loren Irving got in touch a couple of months back with a recommendation on some socks that he discovered.  We got ourselves a pair and gave them a try, and we have to say…thanks Loren!  These socks are awesome.

Now before you roll your eyes and move on, think about now nice it is to fish when your feet are warm and dry and comfortable.  Alternatively, think about how not nice it is to fish when your feet are cold, clammy and/or itchy.  OK, on with the goods.

Alpaca Wool Socks – Why We Like Them

  1. They’re made in Montana by a small family-owned business.  Alpacas of Montana raises their Alpacas and makes socks, scarves, blankets and more from their wool.  That’s cool.
  2. They incredibly comfortable.  The wool is super soft and feels much better on your feet than typical wool in socks.
  3. They breathe.  Bye bye clammy feet!  Even on warm days your feet stay dry.
  4. They’re super warm.  On the other hand, when you’re standing in a freezing river, these puppies keep your toes warmer than any other socks we’ve tried.

At just over $30 they’re not cheap – but given how much you spend on the rest of your fishing gear, aren’t cozy toes worth it?

You can pick up a pair right here.

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