Top Fishing Tip Posts of 2012

Best Fly Fishing Tips
Learn how to catch more fish like this one.

OK, today’s the last day on which we look back at our best posts of 2012.  We’ve already covered our best posts about trout fishing, steelhead fishing, bonefishing, and fly fishing gear.

Our final topic?  Fly fishing tips!

Best Fly Fishing Tips of 2012

  1.  6 Things Never to Say to Your Fishing Partner.  Keep the peace!
  2. Skagit Casting – Keep Your Hands Close.  One of the fundamentals of spey fishing with short heavy heads.
  3. Taking Pictures of Fish the Right Way.  We want you to get a good picture, and we really really want you to take good care of the fish.
  4. Making Loops on Sinktips.  More spey/steelhead rigging pointers from the guys who know.
  5. Try a Lanyard. Somehow this incredibly simple gear tip was very popular.
  6. Accelerate Your Haul.  Fly casting legend Tim Rajeff gives an advanced flats casting pointer from Andros Island.
  7. Casting in the Wind.  Tim scores back to back rankings!  Video knowledge on casting in the wind from Tim at Andros South.

Top Fishing Tips from Other Years

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