Silver Salmon

Although unpublished in any medical journals to date, silver salmon fishing at Alaska West infects people the world over with an insatiable desire to have more… and more… and more.

Alaska West Silvers

From late July through the end of the season Alaska West is reduced to a den of iniquity. Fish-a-holics the world over throng to our waters to “put a hurtin’ on some silvers”. The charge of adrenaline transferred from the fish up the line into the anglers body injects such a sensation mere words can’t describe. The effects of one taste of this potion send grown men and women racing across a sand bar in hopes of being first to the honey hole.

Highly-respected people of position in the real world are reduced to begging the guide for just one more cast. The most conservative individuals have been known to “pull an all nighter”, crazed with fish fighting frenzy.

Silveritis-cohosis: Those of us who have been stricken by this, one of the most consuming fish afflictions, can sympathize with our fellow sufferers. The acrobatic jumping, the screaming runs, the violent thrashing, the exhilaration of victory and the agony of defeat… and you should see what the fish do!

There is no known cure for this ailment– the treatment is to simply pacify the anxious urges by stripping a showgirl, popping a wog or yanking out your egg sucking leach… and catching another silver.

Alaska West Jumping Coho

Fly Tackle for Silver Salmon


We recommend 7 weight to 9 weight quality rods with actions that are well-suited for casting in windy conditions.


Durable reels with a medium to strong disc drag are necessary. Spool capacity should be at least 150 yards of 20 pound backing.


A floating line along with at least one sink tip is usually best. Sink tips should be 5 feet to 15 feet with a medium to fast sink rate.


10 to 15 pound monofilament.

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