BC West is a remote fly fishing lodge located on the lower Dean River – a legendary spot facing the Dean Channel, tucked in the shadow of Kimsquit Peak and within earshot of the Dean River canyon.

Dean River - BC West

Plan Your Trip to the Dean River

We chase the hottest fish around– steelhead of superstar status and chinooks that will make you think twice about testing your arbor knot.

We consider our time on the Dean to be a real privilege, and we work hard to ensure that our operation does this river justice.


BC West is located less than a mile from the mouth of the Dean River in British Columbia. We fish for steelhead and chinook salmon during our short 11 week season from June through the end of August.

Why the Dean

The Dean is known in the world of steelhead and salmon fishing for having the hottest, strongest fish around. The Dean has a brutal canyon section 1 1/2 miles from its mouth; for anadromous fish to spawn in the Dean they must ascend this canyon, so they’ve evolved over the years to be uniquely muscular, powerful, resilient fish. We target these steelhead and chinooks in the lower 5 miles of the river, so they’re extremely fresh and often still have sea lice attached.

Fishing Program

We’re the only lodge on the Dean where guests fish both below and above the canyon. Below the canyon, we cover huge runs in search of the freshest of the fresh – fish within a mile and a half of the salt, often in on the previous tide. Above the canyon we cover more classic steelhead holding water, including runs that provide opportunities to fish dry flies.

All of our fishing is done using swung flies. The majority of our guests use two-handed rods, but that’s certainly not a requirement – single-handers have been extremely effective on the Dean for many years.

BC West Clubhouse

Our Accommodations

We call our accommodations ‘comfortable but casual’. Our lodge takes a maximum of 8 anglers, so the setting is intimate, and our small size allows us to serve food that’s often described as ‘the best I’ve ever had at a fishing lodge’.

Rates and Travel

Fishing at BC West costs between $5995 and $7295 per person, depending on the week. Travel to the lodge is via Bella Coola, BC, and those prices include our charter helicopter flight from Bella Coola to the Dean.

Dean Chinook

More on BC West

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