3 Good Articles

Fly Fishing by Louis Cahill Photography
Semi-related fly fishing shot. Photo: Louis Cahill

For your reading pleasure – 3 articles about fly fishing, on other web sites, we thought you’d enjoy reading.

  1. When Drag is Desirable. Tom Rosenbauer gives incredibly detailed advice on MidCurrent.
  2. Keys Chronicles: Early Season.  Flatswalker delivers a very honest tarpon fishing report.
  3. You’re Not Going to Believe This.  Moldy Chum provides an absurd update on an absurd trend.

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3 Good Articles

Spotting Trout by Louis Cahill Photography
Looking for Mr. Trout in Alaska. Photo: Louis Cahill

Our series of links to good articles about fly fishing marches on!  Here are three good, quick, recent articles from around the internet.  Have a look.

  1. Savlen Paints Some FIBFest Goodness.  Bonefish on the Brain passes some actual fishing fine art.
  2. Don’t Walk Through The Fish! Tom Larimer talks trout and stoneflies and advises us not to wade too deep.  Scott Baker-McGarva, head guide at BC West, has mentioned this too in a different way
  3. Down Goes Fraser!  Down Goes Fraser! Moldy Chum talks Fraser River, Pebble Mine and science.

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FIBFest is Back

FIBFest 2011
We'll be doing some of this, probably. Photo: Louis Cahill

We had such a good time with it last year that we had to do it again.

It’s Deneki FIBFest!  It’s an in-person gathering of folks who write online about fly fishing.  FIB stands for Fishing Industry Bloggers, and FIBFest is the most cleverest name we could come up with.

Starting on March 26th, a small group of us will spend a week at Andros South.  We’ll catch bonefish.  We’ll write about it online.  That’s the program!

Here’s the current lineup for Andros South FIBFest 2011 – in alphabetical order of course.

  • Rebecca Garlock writes The Outdooress, and created an incredibly successful platform for outdoor bloggers called the Outdoor Blogger Network.
  • Michael Gracie is an alumnus of FIBFest, and cranks out some of the most intelligent writing about fly fishing online at michaelgracie.com.
  • Kyle Perkins writes Compleat Thought, a blog on conversation, education and new media in fly fishing.  He’s also done a bunch of marketing consulting work for a variety of fly fishing causes.
  • Eric Rathbun is one of the masterminds behind Moldy Chum, a fly fishing blog that’s busier than Times Square.
  • Bjorn Stromsness – if there’s one guy who’s the right guy for FIBFest at Andros South, it’s Bjorn.  He writes Bonefish on the Brain, a blog about nothing but bonefish.

We’re going to do our darndest to give you a bunch of different viewpoints on what a week on South Andros is all about.  If you want to follow along with us during the week, you’ll have plenty of chances.  Don’t worry, we’ll give you a reminder or two when the event is about to start…

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